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The name "Smarten Up Dog!" projects our passion for partnering with dog owners to improve relationships with their dogs. Dogs are wonderful, loving creatures that interact with us in diverse, unexpected and sacred  ways. Like us, they grow through stages of development and bond deeply and meaningfully with humans and other dogs. Our mission is to ensure that your dog makes your home happier!


Smarten Up Dog centers its work on the idea that all dogs can become good canine citizens.


When your dog meets the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Good Citizenship Standard they can:


- Accept a friendly stranger

- Let someone pet them

- Let someone check their ears and feet

- Walk nicely on a leash

- Walk through a crowd (hallway)

- Sit, down and stay in place

- Come when called

- Walk by another dog on leash

- Respond well to distractions

- Let someone hold my leash while you are out of sight for 3 minutes

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