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Read all about training, straight from the dog's mouth!

Hi my name is Stanley!! Some people call me Stan the man. My mom and dad have a few names for me, one of them is stinker.  I am 8 months old.  When I was 6 months old I met my friend Greg.  Greg picks me up 3 times a week for play dates. We go for long walks, we go to the dog parks.  I have so much fun and I love when he has other friends with him to play with.  I am learning to listen better with my friend Greg. He has taught me to sit, lay down, and we are working really hard on stay and come.  I try to work very hard, learning my manners but sometimes I get distracted when I see other dogs or humans.  I like to bark at them.  My friend Greg tells me that’s not polite and he tells me I need to keep walking. My mom and dad are learning so much from my friend Greg too. They are much happier with my behavior in my house.  I still have accidents and it’s because I forget to tell my mom and dad I have to go out.  I am working really hard at that.  Greg says when I go potty outside, I should get plenty of treats.  I love that. Thank you mom and Dad for introducing me to my friend Greg and his buddy Otto!!! Everyone seems to be happier in my house!!!

My name is Jack and I’m almost 5 months old. My parents enrolled me in classes with Greg a few months ago and as you can imagine I was very unhappy. As a young puppy all I wanted to do was be mischievous and play, I didn’t want to get trained. Over the past 2 months this guy Greg has been working with me on my social skills with humans and other dogs, the basics like sit, stay and come, walking next to my parents on a leash and he even wants to teach me good manners when getting groomed.
Now my favorite time of the week is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday when Greg comes to see me. I’m probably not the best student he has but I really look forward to all the things he teaches me. He is incredibly kind and patient and I get lots of treats while he is with me. I know I give him a hard time but I am learning so much and my parents are really becoming proud of me.
Thank you Greg. You’re the best teacher I could ever have!!! Jack 🙏🐾🥰

Woof!  My name is Wynne and I am a 1 year old yorkie weighing in at a whopping 4.8 pounds.  I met Greg when I was just a wee little pup.  At first, oh my was he big and intimidating and wow he made me do all of the craziest things, like walk on a leash and sit and stay.  Thank goodness he does bring the most delicious, healthiest and freshest's a BIG incentive for me to work hard with him.  Since we met, I have had sessions with Greg about 3 hours each week.  Now, check out what I can do after all of our hard work together...walk on a leash and listen to commands, such as up, down, in and out.  I also sit and stay even while Greg is holding a treat out in front of that's control on my part!  When I do a great job, I love hearing "good girl".  It's the positive reinforcement words that tell me I'm doing the right thing.  What's also so special about my relationship with Greg is that he's helping me to become a therapy dog.  Often, we go on special outings to see people in our community.  Sometimes they are healthcare workers and other times it may be a child or adult working hard through physical therapy to get stronger.  With commands, I've learned how to "say hello", let other people pet me and I just love sitting on laps because it makes them feel happy!  Greg also makes me look, feel and smell beautiful and clean.  When I was just a little girl he had to slowly touch my feet, hair and nails to help desensitize me because I didn't like being held and groomed.  Now, I let him bathe me, cut my hair and grind my nails all while listening to calming music in the background and his soft voice.  I have great trust in Greg and recommend that any dog out there that wants to have fun, learn lots, love others and be happy to reach out to Greg for sessions!  Dog, you will sure learn to SMARTEN UP!


I am so happy that we found Greg to help with our dog, Lily. Even though Lily is 4 years old, Greg was able to help fine tune her behavior especially after we moved to a new home without a fenced in yard.  She now walks beautifully on a leash. Greg also helped to teach Lily new tricks which have been fun to watch. Lily loves when we spend time with Greg.  He really is a dog whisperer! 
Allison Johansmeyer


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