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Our Clients Say

Hi, my name is Memphis - I’m a 6 year old Standard Poodle who, if I’m telling the truth, needed some leash manners and some obedience training. I’m really a nice pup so I was willing to change my ways.  My friend Toby, another Standard Poodle, told me about Greg and Smarten Up Dog Training. And boy that was a great recommendation! Greg is one of my best friends now and I’m learning so much from him. He’s also introduced me to some fun pup pals. I think I might have a crush on his Sadie.

I love my private sessions, Greg makes me feel so special and we do so much in so many different places. I don’t even realize I’m learning all the time. And now I’m taking an Obedience Class with Greg and some other terrific dogs.

I’ve never been a happier Poodle and my parents are thrilled with my behavior and progress. I know they always loved me but since working with Greg I think they love me even more.

P.S. I’ve been so good I might even get a brother.  Puppy class here we come.

Memphis Blue
I am so happy that we found Greg to help with our dog, Lily. Even though Lily is 4 years old, Greg was able to help fine tune her behavior especially after we moved to a new home without a fenced in yard.  She now walks beautifully on a leash. Greg also helped to teach Lily new tricks which have been fun to watch. Lily loves when we spend time with Greg.  He really is a dog whisperer! 
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